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About Us


A brief History

Good packaging is essential in promoting a product. PT Indocemerlang understands the importance of first grade packaging. Thus, safety, hygiene, and the presentation of the products are of importance in delivering customer’s satisfaction.

Since 1995, PT Indocemerlang has been providing packaging supplies to numerous industries such as food company, retail shop, electronics and many others; upholding reputable image and prompt deliveries with a well established history as the manufacturer of quality packaging. PT Indocemerlang has become a staple provider for retail packaging.

At PT Indocemerlang, we use the safest and most hygienic plastic-base material that has been┬ácertified and approved for food packaging. We also provide high quality custom-made products based on client’s requests.

To establish a company acknowledged for its winning designs and quality products

  • To manufacture high quality products that are designed for safety and hygienic purposes.
  • To achieve the cleanest manufacturing environment and on-time distribution using high quality packaging to fulfill customer’s needs.